Celebrating 20 Years Service

Czerwik celebrated this weekend as John, the Manager of the business, achieved his 20 years long service anniversary.

John started work at Czerwik in 1994 when he was a young, handsome YTS retail assistant, and he was originally employed by Tom and Janet Czerwik who started the business. The business changed ownership in 2001 and Martin, the current owner, promoted John to Manager in the same year. In the last 20 years, John has achieved many recognised qualifications in the cheese and wine industry. He has enjoyed many courses in the UK and USA, and his knowledge of all products in the shop is nothing less than amazing. He is a good teacher, has a sparkling and endearing personality, and has passed on some of his knowledge to other members of the team which all helps to ensure that the shop remains at the very top of the 'customer service' ladder.
In 2012, Martin recognised the value of John to the business by making John a share-holder. John is a true asset to the business, is loved by all who know him, and is the constant 'entertainer' in the shop. The shop would not be the same without John, and we wish him continued success with a view to him perhaps being the owner of the business in years to come - that would be nothing less than he deserves for all his efforts.

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